Gastric Balloon (Non-Surgical)

Gastric Balloon (Non-Surgical)

A gastric balloon also called an endoscopic intragastric balloon is non-surgical obesity or weight-loss procedure that involves the insertion of a medical balloon inside the stomach to occupy space and limit the food carrying capacity of the stomach. This makes you feel full and limits your intake to smaller portions. The procedure is temporary and the balloon is usually removed after 6 months.

The operation grew more reliable, and recuperation periods got shorter, due to the advancements in the technologies used in bariatric operations.

What You Should Do Before the Gastric Balloon Procedure ?

Here are some precautions that should be taken prior to the Gastric balloon procedure to ensure the best possible outcome:

Any medications taken should be reported to the doctors.
Any chronic illness should be brought to the attention of the doctors.
If the patient smokes or drinks, he or she should abstain from alcohol at least two weeks before the operation.
Any allergies to medical products should be disclosed.
Stop taking aspirin, pain relievers, herbal supplements, and vitamins two weeks well before the operation.

In addition, all examinations related to the Gastric balloon operation will be performed by doctors to ensure the patient’s health.

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