Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beards without any doubt are one of the most important features in men’s facial appearance. And it has been conveyed as a beauty symbol for men in many cultures for decades. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a burden between a man and his desire for growing a full beard for a couple of reasons that will be mentioned below.

Fortunately, we live In the age of technology which provided us with new technologies and techniques to do a beard and hair transplantation. An operation that will give the man confidence and self-esteem that will eventually affect his social and professional life for the better.

Before Beard and Mustache Transplant Operation

Beard transplantation is a precise operation since it’s done in a sensitive area which is the face and there are few guidelines that should be followed by our clients to ensure the best results. Some of these guidelines are :

• Provide a list of all the medications that you consume to the doctors.
• Alcohol and cigarettes must be avoided in the week before the operation.
• Vitamins, Aspirin, and blood transfusions must be avoided in the week before the operation.
• Not shaving before the operation is recommended for the doctor to see the natural growth rate of the beard.
• The day of the operation it’s recommended to wear a bigger size shirt to avoid contact with the operation area.

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