Eyebrows Transplant

Eyebrows Transplant

Faces are the first thing recognized when meeting new people. So it is normal that everyone needs to present themselves perfectly with confidence. And of course, eyebrows are one of the most important features in humans face and it defines the shape of the face. Unfortunately, some reasons cause the eyebrows hair to fall and it leads to less confidence while socializing with other people.

Luckily, eyebrows transplantation is so simple. In Plus Clinic we provide our clients with the best services done by our experienced doctors and Eyebrow Transplantation is one of the main operations in our hospital so here is some information and guidelines regarding eyebrow transplantation.

Before Eyebrow Transplantation Operation

Eyebrow transplantation is a precise operation since it’s done in a sensitive area which is the face and all the examinations related to the operation are taken by our doctors before the operation. Few guidelines should be followed by our clients to ensure the best results. Some of these guidelines are:

Provide a list of all the medications that you consume to the doctors.
Alcohol and cigarettes must be avoided in the week before the operation.
Vitamins, Aspirin, and blood transfusions must be avoided in the week before the operation.
NOTE: The day of the operation it’s recommended to wear a bigger size shirt to avoid contact with the operation area.

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