Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift

The aim of Eyebrows lift surgery is to eliminate the saggy extra wrinkles in the area surrounding the eyebrows then lifting the eyebrows to their natural look. And the surgery is done on the face area so it will affect the facial structure appearance for the better. And in some cases, some patients ask for forehead filling.

Eyebrow Lift is a simple surgery. And we will provide you with all the professional treatment that you need before, during, and after the operation.

Why You Should Do Eyebrow Lift ?

Multiple reasons lead to eyebrow lifting and some of them might be psychological or physical and all the reasons that lead to operation will be considered by the doctors and will receive its special treatment. Some of these reasons are:

If the eyebrows sagging affect the vision.
Eyebrows are incompatible with the other facial features.
Too much sagging to the extent it affects the patient’s psychological statues.
The shape of the brows makes the person looks sad or tired all the time.
The shape of the brows makes the person look old.

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