Platysmaplasty (Neck Lifting)

Platysmaplasty (Neck Lifting)

Neck lifting is a simple plastic operation that usually follows the facelift surgery and it is the process of removing the extra saggy skin in the neck area in order to be consistent with the face. The sagging of the skin around the neck area comes along with the process of aging. And it usually brings down the self-esteem of women due to the unattractive outlook that the sagging cause.

We provide our clients with the new advanced technologies that are used in the plastic surgery industry. So too here is some information about the Neck Lift operation to give more insight to our clients.

Why to do Neck Lift Operation?

There are lots of reasons that encourage arm lift surgery and some of them are psychological factors or physical factors:

The neck fat is not consistent with the other facial features.
The neck area is saggy due to weight loss or gain·
Saggy skin resulted from certain medication
Aging process affect the neck area

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