Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

When people meet you for the first time, the first thing they notice is your Smile, and it’s the first step toward affecting your social life. A Smile includes not only the lips, but also the surrounding teeth and gums, as well as the jawline. Smile Design strives to give your face an entirely new look in order to improve its appearance. The term “Hollywood smile” was coined in recent years to refer to Hollywood stars’ exceptionally beautiful and expressive grins. For many years, Turkey has had fantastic results with Hollywood smile therapy.

Design Your Own Smile

Because a person’s Smile has such a direct impact on their facial characteristics, each patient’s Hollywood smile must be created specifically for them. In the cosmetic design of teeth, several elements are crucial:

– The shape of the person’s face

– The appearance of the gums

– The size of the teeth

– Skin tone and lips

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