Gastric Sleeve (Surgical)

Gastric Sleeve (Surgical)

The main objective of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is to minimize the size of the stomach as it is an obesity reduction procedure. When people are obese, they suffer from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, especially after trying multiple diets and failing, as well as having a reduced social life.

Fortunately, in the 21st century, operations have become more reliable and recovery periods faster due to the advancement of technologies that are being used in bariatric operations.

What You Should Do Before Gastric Sleeve

These instructions must be followed before performing this operation so that the results are 100% successful:

* Examinations will be carried out before the operation to guarantee the health of the patient

*If you have chronic diseases, please inform the doctor

*If you are taking any medication, inform your doctor

*Any allergies to any medical product must be known.

*Stop using Aspirin, pain relievers, herbal supplements, and vitamins, for two weeks before the operation.

*If you smoke or drink alcohol, it should be stopped two weeks after the operation.

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